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Florists are skilled at knowing exactly how to properly cut flower stems, what liquids to put them in, and they likely have a special cool room to keep the flowers at optimum temperature. All of these things keep the flowers in peak condition. Look closely at the buckets of flowers in the supermarkets. They may be a convenient option BUT you may notice the water looking a little murky or a bad smell, browning , yellowing or wilting stems – if that’s the case then walk away. Those flowers won’t last much longer. Wouldn’t you rather give a gift that will last several more days??

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Get MORE For Your Money…

If you decide to send flowers to a friend or family member, chances are you look on Google first. There are an abundance of middlemen looking for your business. It may seem like the order gatherers are the only option, as they dominate the first page of search results. You may not even see a link for the websites of actual florists in your area.

So, what’s wrong with the middlemen? After all, they are convenient and offer an endless variety of bouquets to choose from. You can order and pay online, they’ll find a florist near your recipient to create and deliver the flowers you ordered.

However, It is said that these order gatherers charge an extra 15 percent, plus other fees as they take a cut before passing the order onto a local provider to fulfill the order. So not only do you pay more, but you might get less than you are expecting. The pictures you see online often feature all the flowers in the front, whereas a bouquet is really circular. So the number of “main event” flowers (i.e. roses) you select will often look fuller online than in person.

Order directly from a LOCAL FLORIST, even if that means you have to make a phone call to get exactly what you want.

Nicola arranging flowers peach roses

You Get What You Want

Remember that florists are not just business people—they’re artists and designers who really love what they do. When you call a florist directly and ask for the FLORISTS CHOICE, you can still give preference on the price range, colour choices, and other style elements, but the florist will use their knowledge and skill and the blooms in season, to design a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement.

A local florist can probably make something happen. Quick tip though: If you want something out of the ordinary, order in advance. Actually, always order in advance if you can! They appreciate being able to plan ahead!


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