So .. how much will your wedding flowers actually cost? Well .. it’s a bit like saying… how long is a piece of string!?

In all seriousness though, without having all the details to hand it really is difficult to put an accurate price on your wedding flowers, there are so many different factors to consider; 

The style, the flower choice, the number of venue arrangements and bouquets you would like, or whether the flowers are in high demand at the time of your wedding. In the summer, for example (peak wedding period) prices are understandably higher at the wholesalers. 

Not to mention the finer detail; would you like to have high end flowers such as David Austin Roses, scented garden Roses or Cloni ranunculus? a relative newcomer but highly sort after at weddings at the moment . 

To give you a rough guide, the average spend for wedding flowers is between £1,200 – £1,500. Couples typically spend 10% of their overall wedding budget on their flowers. 

However, it is important to stress that every wedding is truly unique and bespoke and so are the flowers!


Most florists will happily work within your budget, it is really important that you discuss your budget openly, along with giving them as much detail as possible about your theme and your dreams for your special day. 

This will give your florist the tools required to design and plan your perfect wedding flower package. With a clear budget to work within, they can share the benefit of their expertise, to achieve the look you want without breaking the bank, AND truly maximise your budget. 

Trust your florist to help select the perfect flowers for your theme – a good florist is just as invested as you are to ensure they look stunning!


The are many tricks of the trade to help maximise your budget. I am highlighting some of the areas you should consider and some compromises you can make.

Re-using your flower designs, for example; after the ceremony, registrars table flowers can be moved to the top table,  chair or pew ends can be re-attached to beams or placed in vases by the venue staff and pedestals can be moved to outside the reception entrance.

Choosing flowers that are in season is the best and easiest way to make your wedding flower budget stretch that little bit further. If you want to keep a firm reign on the flower costs then it is best to get in tune with nature!

If, of course you dream of something that isn’t in season then you could consider discussing with your florist about incorporating similar blooms into your arrangements that may be more readily available and work within your budget. A few flowers large buds can look really striking when combined with delicate fresh flowers and gorgeous green foliage. 

Another way to make the most of a tight budget is to concentrate on the pieces that will be seen the most and / or the longest. Having a stand-out bouquet for the bride and attractive bouquets and boutonnieres for the bridal party will be seen by everyone and will make your pictures look beautiful. Placing flowers, even a few, on the dining tables will soften the room and make a welcoming space for guests.


Ultimately, the stunning floral arrangements on the most important day of your life that will be enjoyed not just on the day but forever in your photos and your hearts. 

BUT, it’s not just the beautiful flowers on the wedding day itself that you are paying for… 

A florists job is of course to deliver you all those stunning bouquets and venue flowers, but there are many steps from the initial consultation;

  • It starts with designing and planning the flowers to meet the brief and budget. 
  • Next step is ordering and collecting the flowers, conditioning, and caring for them to ensure they are in tip top condition prior to being arranged. 
  • Constructing and creating all the wedding flowers, for larger weddings it is often necessary to bring in additional florists as time is of the essence on the day. 
  • The use of vases, urns, container’s and pedestals etc. 
  • Delivery on the wedding day of all bridal & venue flowers with set up at the venue, church etc. 
  • Relocating the flower designs from the ceremony room or venue to the reception venue.
  • Once the wedding has finished the venue needs to be cleared down and all flowers taken away or prepared for you and your guests to take home and any items on hire need to be returned to the hire company. 

The whole process really does require strategic planning and timing. 

Couples are sometimes surprised by the price of wedding flowers and ask ‘Why are bridal bouquets so much more expensive than a regular hand tied gift flower bouquet”

Well, when considering how best to explain, I came across this quote which I think perfectly sums up the answer to this…

“The graphite in your pencil and the diamond in your ring are both made of the same thing, yet one costs a lot more because of the time and effort needed to make it sparkle!” 

We would absolutely love to hear about your wedding plans and have the opportunity to present a floral plan for your perfect day.

Please drop us a note to say hi and we will respond within a day. In the meantime, have a look through our wedding gallery for some inspiration

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